Refugee Claimants are waiting for their refugee hearing


A refugee claimant's hearing is one of the most important days of their life...

*According to 2022 Canadian statistics

We help them bravely share their unique experience to the *IRB.

*Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

Refugee claimants present their story of persecution in a hearing

All refugee claimants present their story to the immigration and refugee board of canada (IRB) in an online or in-person hearing. this is the final step in determining whether they are granted the protection of canada or not.
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"I want to thank this program for preparing me and my family to do the hearing, and it was very helpful for us."
Participant from Ethiopia
Strongly agree that Re—Course helped them prepare.


“Re-Course provides secure ways to share your personal information.”

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[Re—Course] really helped prepare me for the real hearing. Most of the questions I was asked during the mock hearing came back on my actual hearing.
OLA, Participant from Nigeria

Simulated Refugee Hearing

Re-Course provides real-time practice in a simulated hearing with volunteers.

of claimants felt more confident for their hearing
“I was able to build enough confidence after the exercise, and I went back and tried to improve and work on all the gaps that the volunteer raised.”
Miriam, Participant from Iran
felt the IRB hearing was what they expected after their simulation.

Personalized feedback

Claimants receive feedback to be prepared for their hearing, the most important day.

“I was very stressed and had tension. The good news is my claim was accepted and I could not have done better if it wasn't for matthew house.”
Mohammed, participant from Afghanistan

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