Simulated hearings per year is our current capacity

3-6 hours

Average commitment of volunteer time per hearing.


Refugee claimants felt more confident after completing re-course

“The refugee claimant journey is long. So to know that a few hours of my time can significantly help them find protection in canada is surprising but also meaningful.”

Jeff, Volunteer(TAKE OUT “ONTARIO”)
Jeff, Volunteer
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Help claimants prepare for their hearing.

Re-Course is free to refugee claimants to help them prepare for their hearing before Immigration and refugee board of canada (IRB). Skilled volunteers across many disciplines deliver re-course virtuallyand in-person.

Simulated virtual IRB hearing
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You have specific experience with refugee status determination including but not limited to lawyers, immigration consultants, law students, retired lawyers or former IRB members. Adjudicators are required to observe one session before adjudicating a session of their own.


You are completing your undergraduate or postgraduate degree or diploma in a related field like social work, refugee law, settlement studies or refugee studies. Community members with experience with newcomers and settlement in Canada are welcome. Supervisors are required to observe three sessions before leading a session of their own.


You are a trained interpreter or a student working toward certification in interpretation; or, you are a community member with strong fluency in two or more languages

What is an RHP hearing?

An RHP hearing is an imitation of your IRB hearing. An RHP Adjudicator will act as the IRB member and the RHP hearing facility is styled to resemble your IRB hearing (whether virtual or in-person). There is no judgement or decision provided at an RHP hearing.

How long is an RHP hearing?

An RHP hearing is typically 2 to 3 hours long.

How much does an RHP hearing cost?

Nothing! The RHP is a free service.

What are the RHP’s confidentiality policies?

The RHP takes your privacy seriously. Your documents are kept in a secure portal and are treated with a high level of confidentiality. All those who will be in contact with your personal documents – the RHP Adjudicators and trusted RHP staff – sign agreements to commit to handle claimant information and documentation confidentially. The RHP is conducted in keeping with strict guidelines.

Will the RHP hearing ensure my success at my IRB hearing?

The RHP helps to prepare the claimants for their IRB hearing but does not guarantee the result of the hearing. We, therefore, do not provide any judgment or decision at the end of the RHP hearing. We will however provide you general feedback at the end of the process that may help you to better prepare.

Can I receive legal advice from the RHP?

No, the RHP does not provide refugee claimants with legal advice. Instead, the RHP is focused on providing legal information and education. The claimant is provided legal advice by their counsel or lawyer (if they have one).

If I am appealing my IRB decision, can the RHP help?

The RHP is not set up to provide support to refugee claimants with their appeal process.

I don’t speak English or French – can I still have an RHP hearing?

Yes. The RHP works with volunteer interpreters and we will work to secure an interpreter for your RHP hearing. However, as a growing program, we cannot guarantee the availability of interpreters for certain languages.

Who are the RHP Adjudicators?

The RHP Adjudicators are trained legal professionals, law students and experienced community members.

Where are the RHP hearings conducted?

The majority of RHP hearings are virtual. The RHP uses the same platform as the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. Accommodations available for in-person hearings if required.

How do I book an RHP hearing?

Sign up by clicking here.

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