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Let us help you tell your compelling story to the IRB.

In Canada, each refugee claimant regardless of age, gender, or language, has to personally convince an adjudicator that they are in need of protection. So we created a free program to help claimants be prepared for that life-changing event.

Re—Course is for you if...


You are new to Canada

You have come to Canada from abroad hoping to find protection in Canada.


Submitted your Claim

You have already submitted your Basis of Claim form and story to the Immigration and Refugee Board.


An IRB hearing is booked

You have received a Notice of Hearing from the IRB which sets out the date and time for your refugee hearing.

Re-Course does not provide refugee claimants with legal advice. Instead, Re-Course is focused on providing a simulation experience, legal information and education, as well as emotional preparedness. All refugee claimants who sign up for Re-Course are expected to ask their representative for legal advice if they have one. Re—Course is not a partner or extension of the IRB and operates independent of the Canadian government.

Get legal help

“...the mock interview was extremely helpful. My hearing practice and feedback I got from your team members had a strong impact on my actual hearing. It enabled me to succeed.”

Mohamed, Participant from Ethiopia

Re—Course gets you ready in three key ways.



Securely upload your claim documents to our program and receive useful guides for sharing your story.



Participate in a fully simulated IRB practice hearing where you will share your story in order to gain realistic practice.



Gain deeper insight into the way you present your claim through feedback and practice.


Getting started

Sign-up for free and get prepared for your refugee hearing

Additional Support

The Re—Course program is focused on preparing refugee claimants prepare for their IRB hearing. If there are needs outside of that there are other organizations that might be more helpful to you.

About us

Matthew House Toronto services

Founded by a refugee claimant, Helton Achaye and Matthew House in 2013, the Re-Course program partners with organizations serving refugees across Canada.


What is an RHP hearing?

An RHP hearing is an imitation of your IRB hearing. An RHP Adjudicator will act as the IRB member and the RHP hearing facility is styled to resemble your IRB hearing (whether virtual or in-person). There is no judgement or decision provided at an RHP hearing.

How long is an RHP hearing?

An RHP hearing is typically 2 to 3 hours long.

How much does an RHP hearing cost?

Nothing! The RHP is a free service.

What are the RHP’s confidentiality policies?

The RHP takes your privacy seriously. Your documents are kept in a secure portal and are treated with a high level of confidentiality. All those who will be in contact with your personal documents – the RHP Adjudicators and trusted RHP staff – sign agreements to commit to handle claimant information and documentation confidentially. The RHP is conducted in keeping with strict guidelines.

Will the RHP hearing ensure my success at my IRB hearing?

The RHP helps to prepare the claimants for their IRB hearing but does not guarantee the result of the hearing. We, therefore, do not provide any judgment or decision at the end of the RHP hearing. We will however provide you general feedback at the end of the process that may help you to better prepare.

Can I receive legal advice from the RHP?

No, the RHP does not provide refugee claimants with legal advice. Instead, the RHP is focused on providing legal information and education. The claimant is provided legal advice by their counsel or lawyer (if they have one).

If I am appealing my IRB decision, can the RHP help?

The RHP is not set up to provide support to refugee claimants with their appeal process.

I don’t speak English or French – can I still have an RHP hearing?

Yes. The RHP works with volunteer interpreters and we will work to secure an interpreter for your RHP hearing. However, as a growing program, we cannot guarantee the availability of interpreters for certain languages.

Who are the RHP Adjudicators?

The RHP Adjudicators are trained legal professionals, law students and experienced community members.

Where are the RHP hearings conducted?

The majority of RHP hearings are virtual. The RHP uses the same platform as the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. Accommodations available for in-person hearings if required.

How do I book an RHP hearing????

Sign up by clicking here.

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